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Oct. 11th, 2010

The gig with Toys R Us fell out, both applications -- automatic email rejections, gotta love em. Not a big deal, just a few more notches in my belt of employment failure, ha. Already sent in two apps for Walgreens, hoping to pick up one for Hobby Lobby this week, and I'm submitting one for Subway today. Desperate times, etc., and whatever, I rather like Subway. :3 And that's enough of that.

On the doodle front, I'm running very low on sketchbook paper and inspiration... These art blocks come and go regularly but I always end up feeling unusually blue when I'm unable to sketch, for any reason. It's a tension reliever, it is, and it's a hard act to replace. I've been trying to instigate some writing, but that usually ends in playing Solitaire while listening to DW audios. Not that that's really a bad thing...

Library tiem tomorrow, yey :)  And yey for Da Vinci and Chaucer! Happy times.

Writer's Block: Open book test

Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?

Welp, lessee...everything more or less falls within these two truths:

a) That I love art and arty things (sketchbooks, artist biographies, art print books, etc)
b) and that I'm a total nerd (math/science textbooks, Doctor Who novelizations and other sci-fi nonsense, at least three books with the word "geek" in the title)

Speaking of geekery, finally gotten around to listening to some of the old DW audios I never bothered with before. I regret being so lazy before, they're quite fun. :3

In which the local wildlife are indignant:

Today has been one of those fantastic days that always seem to precede the utter crap times in my life, even if I'm shaky with nerves. I'll take the nerves over being sick, bedbound and otherwise unpleasant in all shapes and forms. I need to dig around and find my alarm clock, though, since I keep waking up too late and upsetting the little one. She's dead set on having me take her to the bus stop every day now, lol. If it helps her get to school a little less grouchy and less nervous, I guess that's the right thing to do. Waking up early is probably better for me anyway. :)

Madison also expects me to meet her after her class is out every day, which is also theoretically a good thing, as it gets me some sunshine. And who can skip out on the chance to swing at the playground?! Or embarrass the old folk? ;D We ended up at the duck park today, anyway, and it was a great idea - Maddie's little friends are sweet and they're all good with each other, and I got the chance to wax philosophical with an angry squirrel, as you do.

I'm going to write more often now, in this LJ and in general, since I really, really need to start writing again, and why did I bother upgrading to a paid account if I don't start using it until a week before it expires? Doesn't matter, s'not as if the paid features do much for me anyway. xD

But now I'm only killing time before heading out to another interview, Toys R Us this time. I like the idea of working in a toy store, even if it's only part time for the holiday season... Don't want to be trampled to death on Black Friday over the newest Whatever-Me-Elmo, but beggars and choosers and all. As long as I don't completely bomb this one like I did with Shopko I'll be able to come home with some degree of satisfaction, or dignity.

EDIT: Everything went swimmingly, very pleased! Whether I get the job or no I'm still happy, I managed that one infinitely better than the last appointment. *fistpump*
And think doth like a convict sit,
With marlinspike untwisting it,
Only to find its knottiness abiding...

- James Clerk Maxwell

A geek, a birdwatcher, and a stubborn little Aries. Sometimes I write things. Usually I don't. More often I doodle. But I'm friendly. Maybe a little dull around the edges. Let's have fun, eh?

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